TechnipFMC/Repsol IRM 

Scope of Works

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) have played an integral part in the supply of equipment and services for the Repsol IRM project.  TechnipFMC were contracted for works which include routine and non-routine Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Construction and Decommissioning of facilities.  JFO packaged and delivered spreads for 3 different vessels with a combined operational time of 225 days.

Utilising our personnel and equipment, our client had zero equipment breakdown and no LTI.  JFO were able to give TechnipFMC a dedicated onshore and offshore delivery team, capable of operating multiple equipment spreads, minimising POB and through working closely with our client, reduce deck footprint.  Combining multiple packages together for one vendor allowed TechnipFMC to realise some good efficiencies both from their own delivery perspective and that of their client.

Scope of Supply

3 Vessels - 225 days - April 17 to September 17

  • Diver tooling and topside deployment equipment
  • Diver workstation equipment
  • 1Te Telescopic crane to deploy divers golden gate
  • LP Grit cleaning system with 960cfm compressors
  • HP waterjet cleaning system
  • Diamond wire saw system
  • 800Te Hydraulic shear cutter
  • Comprehensive inspection suite supplied in 20ft container
  • Survey equipment
  • Fabrication of diver workstation grillage
  • Supply of all sea-fastenings
  • Deck winches
  • Mass flow excavation spread

PDF (1).png Download ' TechnipFMC/Respol IRM' case study