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Marine cranes

James Fisher Decommissioning's foldable telescopic marine cranes provide maximum manoeuvrability while saving valuable deck space. 

Suitable for a variety of onshore and offshore applications, James Fisher Decommissioning's foldable and knuckleboom (cherry picker / HIAB) cranes are available in varying lifting capacities, typically up to 5 tonnes with a maximum outreach of 21m, for hire. 

Fully function tested, all our cranes are provided with a complete certification package.

Cranes are supplied mounted on skids with integrated or separate hydraulic power units (HPUs) and connection whips. 

Full back-deck provisions are also available and our dedicated technicians are trained to install, operate and maintain cranes for ease and added reassurance.

Features and benefits of our marine cranes include:

  • Knuckle boom articulation allows for compact storage, saving invaluable deck space
  • Folding arm increases operational flexibility / range of use enabling work to be completed closer to the pedestal radius
  • Lighter crane arms allow for greater payloads
  • Dual control ensures best line of sight at all times for ease of operation
  • All cranes can be provided with double fall configuration, allowing for increased safe working load
  • Safety latch hooks supplied as standard to prevent unsafe disengagement
  • Nikrom 350 piston rods and stainless steel pipes and fittings allow for long-term operation in harsh marine environments
  • All cranes provided with full certification package including operations and maintenance manual for user confidence

Foldable marine cranes are suitable for various applications including:

  • Carousel feeding
  • Deck lifts
  • Manoeuvring buoyancy modules

Marine crane specification sheets: 

Marine crane Maximum outreach
AKC 100 marine deck crane 14  PDF (1).png AKC 100 marine deck crane specification sheet (390KB)
AKC 185 marine crane 18.5 PDF (1).png AKC 185 marine crane specification sheet (871 KB)
AKC 145 LHE4 marine crane 16.9 PDF (1).png AKC145 LHE4 marine crane specification sheet (608 KB)
Effer 120000-3S marine crane 15 PDF (1).png Effer 120000-3S marine crane specification sheet (1 MB)
FL80T9 marine crane  21  PDF (1).png FL80T9 marine crane specification sheet (416 KB)
HIAB 180 double hydraulic extension sea crane  8.4  PDF (1).png HIAB 180 sea crane specification sheet (2.2 MB) 
HLRM 50-9 marine crane  15.5  PDF (1).png HLRM 50-9 marine crane specification sheet (660 KB)
HLRM 65-3S marine crane  10.5 (17 with jib extension)   PDF (1).png HLRM 65-3S marine crane specification sheet (2.4 MB)
HLRM 80-3S marine crane  12  PDF (1).png HLRM 80-3S marine crane specification sheet (954 KB)
HLRM 90-5S marine crane 14.5 PDF (1).png HLRM 90-5S marine crane specification sheet (578 KB)
HMF marine crane M111-K2  PDF (1).png HMF marine crane M111-K2 specification sheet (1 MB)
Melcal FL80T3 marine crane 10  PDF (1).png Melcal FL80T3 marine crane specification sheet (2 MB)
Melcal JL60 knuckle boom marine crane  17  PDF (1).png Melcal JL60 knuckle boom marine crane specification sheet (336 KB)
National Sea Crane 17  PDF (1).png National Sea Crane specification sheet (361KB)