Subsea shears

JFO's subsea shears offer a versatile means of subsea cutting, with hand-held options through to a 2835T shear for heavy duty cutting operations.

JFO's subsea shears include a single acting hydraulic cutter suitable for tubular materials, cables and medium duty scrap-cutting operations, to a 2835T shear capable of performing fast and efficient scrap cuts on a variety of different grade materials of varying size and thickness.

These versatile tools can be deployed by both remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or divers and can be hung either horizontally or vertically from the certified lifting points, thereby allowing for access in the most challenging of situations. Our subsea shears are supplied with remote stands allowing operators to be clear of the tool when cutting commences.

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Meet Nano - JFO's versatile subsea shear:


Nano is JFO's versatile hydraulic shear, standing at over 2mtrs tall and with a shear force of 2345T for fast and effective cuts.

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