A leading subsea excavation specialist worldwide, James Fisher Offshore delivers innovative solutions to its global customer base

The Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE) team at James Fisher Offshore has 20 years of experience in the subsea excavation sector and is responsible for the successful completion of more than 550 projects in 50 countries. We are committed to delivering quality services and maintaining our position as the market leader in CFE.

With industry experience that cannot be rivalled and a fleet of tools ready to deliver flexible, cost-effective and efficient solutions, customers are confident that their subsea projects, regardless of environment, will be delivered successfully, on-time and within budget.

James Fisher Offshore's CFE equipment spreads provide a non-contact form of excavation that eliminates the risks associated with other excavation methods, especially around complex subsea assets.

We provide a completely integrated controlled flow excavation solution to deliver against all project needs.

Services include: