Pull-in winch package for Technip on the Chevron Bangka project

Scope of works:

Technip’s scope of work was to provide full EPIC subsea project service for the two well tie-backs to the West Seno platform in the Makassar Strait, with the exception only of the supply of the subsea connectors and PLEM valves.

  • Execute full EPIC of 9.5” flexible flowline and riser system, including flow assurance validation
  • Execute full EPIC of two production jumpers for subsea wells
  • Execute full EPIC of static and dynamic umbilical section
  • Installation of a PLEM

Scope of supply:

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) provided services for one pull-in winch package which included the following:

The equipment was mobilised to Balikpapan, Indonesia then offshore onto the West Seno floating production unit (FPU).

Through the James Fisher Offshore project office in Singapore, JFO attended several project meetings with Technip in their Asia Pacific office to ensure successful project delivery.

A lead JFO technician and two operators were utilised for 24 hours operational coverage, during both the equipment commissioning and pull-in phases.

For more information on pull-in winch package capabilities contact James Fisher Offshore.

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