Hydraulic power units (HPUs)

JFO's hydraulic power units (HPUs) are suitable for a range of offshore and onshore applications including use in safe area and zone I and II hazardous environments.

Available with variable flow and pressure, all electric and diesel powered hydraulic power units (HPUs) supplied by JFO are function tested and certificated prior to dispatch.

All HPUs provided by JFO for hire are supplied with dedicated rigging for offshore lifts, crash frames and National Aerospace Standard (NAS) hydraulic cleanliness certification.

Hydraulic power unit (HPU) specification sheets:

HPU type Download
Portable diesel HPU DP56 PDF (1).png DP56 HPU specification sheet (545 KB)
Safe area and Zone I electric HPU  PDF (1).png Electric HPU specification sheet (1MB)
Safe area and Zone II diesel HPU PDF (1).png Diesel HPU specification sheet (1.7 MB)