Equipment spreads for Hess South Arne and IVRR

Scope of works:

Our client needed to perform both work scopes within a short time period. To maximise cost and time efficiencies they tasked James Fisher Offshore (JFO) to deliver a combination of equipment spreads so that one vessel could undertake both IRM projects and do so without requiring an intermediate port call to mobilise additional equipment.

JFO’s diverse range of equipment and experienced project delivery teams and technicians made this possible limiting paperwork and points of business.

Scope of supply:

JFO were praised in their overall delivery of both projects, maintaining a healthy can-do work ethic whilst working to a high level of health and safety standards at all times.

JFO were also asked to provide additional equipment including an 800Te shear which, although not used, promoted the client to note with appreciation the efficient response time to mobilise the equipment.

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