BP Clair fibre optic installation

Scope of works:

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) carried out the installation of fibre optic cables through the Clair ridge platform j-tube. Operations were carried out in water depths of 140mtr around the jacket. Subsea 7’s Seven Falcon DSV initiated the fibre optic pull-in from around 30mtr offset from the the edge of the platform. The JFO platform winch wire was routed through the platform routing arrangement, the j-tube and recovered to the back deck of the DSV to connect to and pull-in the fibre optic cable.

JFO pulled in the fibre optic cables up to the hang-off clamps and the winch will was locked off with an auto-failsafe brake system, allowing platform personnel to work in and around the j-tube safely, thereby enabling installation of the hang-off clamps to take place.

Scope of supply:

Pull-in operations were a continuous process with experienced JFO technicians providing 24 hour coverage for installation, operation, maintenance and demobilisation of the equipment package.

JFO’s project team provided strong customer interface throughout the project life cycle, with our product and service quality, high level of competency, training and HSE focus being highly praised by Subsea 7 during the project close out.

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