Taqa Harding DSV campaigns

Scope of works:

DSV campaign number 1

Preparatory work for STL recovery

  • STL buoy recovery preparations
  • STL mooring disconnection (chain and wire cutting)
  • STL riser disconnection (including PLEM environmental blind installation)

Due to restricted manoeuvrability, the most effective method to achieve this was to drill through access holes in the new skid, through the packers and then into the existing structure.

DSV campaign number 2

PLEM pipework removal, skid installation and spool installation

  • PLEM piping / valve modification
  • Spool installation (6 No)
  • Leak test and commissioning
  • Mattress installation

Prior to the installation phase, James Fisher Offshore conducted trials on cutting and drilling methods within new skid components to ensure the most effective equipment was selected. By offering shared equipment, we were able to save on valuable deck space and interconnections between systems.

Scope of supply:

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