Safaniya SFNY H4 Demolition works

Scope of works

James Fisher Offshore's (JFO) client required suitable cutting equipment for the demolition and recovery of up to 14km of 6" to 16" concrete coated subsea pipeline over a 6 month contract in the Persian Gulf.

The JFO team packaged together a 1344Te hydraulic shear, 16Te recovery grab and HPU, alongside highly skilled JFO technicians for 24 hour operations.

The cutting and recovery option was made more difficult by the pipelines lying partially submerged in the seabed.  The JFO 1344Te shear is able to push itself into the seabed as it closes on the pipe section, saving on valuable time by reducing the need for dredging around each cut and recovery location.

Scope of Supply 

1 x 1344Te Hydraulic shear

1 x 16Te Universal grab

1 x 45kw Electric HPU

1 x Blast cooler

2 x JFO Technicians


PDF (1).png Download Safaniya SFNY H4 Demolition works case study (261 KB)