Mobilising hydraulic winch package for Technip

Scope of works:

Technip were responsible for the management and engineering of the removal of the flexible riser segment including the rigid J-tube at the L13-FC-1 platform.


• Removal of riser and J-tube in 2 no. sections
• Removal and recovery of the outer clamp half shells
• Full GVI survey of subsea clamps
• Alignment checks of all the 20” clamps

Scope of supply:

To fulfil the work scope, James Fisher Offshore mobilised a BFG15 hydraulic winch package on the platform, which helped lower the riser from the platform to the bottom of the seabed. We mobilised equipment on-board the vessel, which consisted of another BFG15 winch spread and 2 H5U-AB air winch spreads.

The BFG15 subsea winch in this case was used to recover the risers safely onto the vessel working at depths of up to 160m. The air winches were fitted to a step base. Only one of these winches was used at a time, the second was a contingency winch in case of failure or breakdown of the other one. The air winches were used to recover clamps via a basket onto the vessel, these were fitted with the constant tension function.

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