Electrical umbilical pull-in for Callater Field development

Scope of works:

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) carried out the successful pull-in of a new electrical umbilical as part of the Callater Field development.

JFO’s hydraulic winch wire was connected to a Subsea 7 DSV where it was attached to the umbilical pull-in head. The DSV winch then deployed the umbilical subsea and, in conjunction with the JFO platform-mounted winch, the umbilical was pulled up the riser to the topside umbilical hang off point.

Scope of supply:

JFO supplied an 8Te hydraulic winch package suitable for zone 2 hazardous area environment. Equipment supply also included load monitoring equipment for the pull-in operations and the offshore winch system test, several horizontal and vertical deck sheaves and rigging to route the winch wire from the Beryl Alpha riser access tower down to the seabed via a riser.

JFO developed the method statement for the winch system offshore test and this was conducted by the JFO offshore team in advance of the DSV arriving in field.

The JFO offshore team boast a wealth of experience and have hydraulics accreditation, Banksman Slinger and OPITO Rigging certification, Wire Rope Examiner and socketing certification, Risk and Impact Assessment, Hazard Identification and Risk Control certification. The end client, Apache lifting interface coordinator, commented;

“The team were very proactive and their experience in the task and equipment was second to none. Great work.” 

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