Well Severance, UKCS


Our expert team have successfully completed well severance on the Viking Gas Field, Southern North Sea, with 30” multi-string conductors complete with grouted annuls, cut 3m below the seabed.

The Viking Gas Field, located in UK waters of the Southern North Sea, approximately 85 miles east of Theddlethorpe, was first discovered in 1968, with gas production beginning in 1972. The field consists of seven unmanned platforms plus one manned main complex, Viking B. Project scope specified an internal string conductor cutting system to severe 3 conductors, over 3 locations. In addition, 2 off piles were to be internally cut and removed at the JD pigging skid.

JFO deployed its ultra high pressure abrasive water jet cutting system along with an expert offshore team for 24 hour operations. The JFO abrasive water jet cutting system offers full depth cutting action without the risk of snagging. It is the most powerful and precise abrasive cutting at 36,000psi with patented air surrounded jet, supported by a 3S verification system to provide real time monitoring and cut confirmation.


Site Strings at cut depth ID @ 3m OD @ 3m Grouted Number of cuts Cut time
 1  4  9 5/8"  30"  Yes  1  213 minutes
  2  10 3/4"  30"  Yes  220 minutes 
 3 30"  30"  N/A  36 minutes 
Structure 1  2 piles x 2 cuts  605mm ID  29mm WT  N/A  37 minutes per cut 


The combination of JFO’s expert team, experience and unique cutting system ensured 100% customer satisfaction.


“5/5 for Project management and Reporting. Delivery, Quality of Service and Equipment, Health and Safety and environmental awareness...Excellent. Tools worked well, one of the best internal abrasive systems I have seen”

Client Senior Project Engineer


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