Offshore Wind Farm support, USA

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) are fast becoming the go to local USA supplier for excavation equipment and services, having recently completed several offshore wind farm scopes of work. 

From our facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, JFO are supporting local US contractors with an expert onshore and offshore team for full project delivery.


Block Island OWF

Multiple project calls off over several months to support the development of the Block Island OWF, including:

March 2021

• Expose cable box sections for diver access

May 2021

• Emergency repair following anchor drag

• Trenching and deburial of power cables as required. Oct 2021

• Dive access boxes at multiple positions, varying in size from 20ft² to 40ft²

• Protection burial for newly installed subsea cable.

March 2022

• Expose approximately 600ft of subsea cable for recovery to deck

• Burial of cut cable end 


Virginia OWF

July 2020

• TwinProp subsea excavation tool

• Emergency support for cable deburial and backfill

• 108mm OD cable with clearance area of 10-20m radius

• Water depth 25m


Download USA Offshore Wind Farms case study (703KB)