Supporting Bibby Subsea with IRM works

Scope of works:

Location: Trinidad and Tobago

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) successfully completed 40 days of construction and inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) works on BPTT assets. Operations were carried out in water depths of 85m and included:

  • Excavation around a pipeline for automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) inspection and clamp installation (3No.) - excavation was 5m along length, 2/3m wide and 1m deep
  • Removal of 2” concrete coating from 12” pipeline - 2m lengths needed to be cleaned at each clamp location
  • Contingency cutting of a 45ft long, 20" diameter caisson with 3/8" wall thickness

Scope of supply:

JFO’s ability to package together multiple service lines and equipment spreads, meant we were able to support Bibby Subsea in executing this campaign by optimising the deck space and minimising POB. Our ability to supply a diverse range of equipment meant we could provide a 6/8” hydraulic diver dredge spread complete with deployment frame, a 16-38” diamond wire saw spread, grit blast spread and HP jetting, all operated by two of JFO’s experienced, rigger certified hydraulically and mechanically trained technicians.

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