JFO equipment and service provision for BP Atoll

Scope of Works:

James Fisher Offshore assisted Subsea 7 on the engineering, construction and installation of more than 140 kilometres of rigid pipelines and associated structures linking the new Atoll field to the existing Taurt field and to the shore.

JFO's dedicated range of subsea tools, operated by saturation divers were used to break the soft clay to excavate embedded pipe or spool along the seabed.

As part of the installation of 20" x 80mtr spool, JFO's 4" diver dredge was used to remove soft clay along the spool at areas where it embedded into the seabed.

Scope of Supply

  • 4" Dredge system
  • Water jetting system
  • Hydraulic umbilical relelr
  • GR29 grinder package
  • Impact wrenches
  • Subsea basket
  • Overboard chute
  • Electric Safe area HPU

JFO's diverse range of equipment and experienced project delivery team supported the scope of work within a challenging time schedule.

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