*Update* Safaniya Jacket Removal


JFO has successfully completed jacket removal as part of a wider decommissioning programme on one of the world’s largest offshore oilfields.

Utilising its innovative ultra-high pressure (UHP) abrasive water jet internal cutting system, all jacket legs were successfully cut ahead of schedule.  

The combination of the JFO teams’ experience, the advanced control system and cut monitoring, enabled the onsite adjustment of cutting speed to ensure successful cut on all piles.


“NPCC appreciate are very satisfied with both the James
Fisher Offshore ‘abrasive cutting equipment’ and ‘personnel’
whom have been offshore operating the equipment.
The cut verification system has advised exact real time cut data
and allows continuous monitoring of the cut throughout the full severance process.

The JFO Supervisors out on the jobs are very knowledgeable
with the abrasive cutting equipment and are backed up with
competent technicians within each team.
NPCC look forward to keep up the successful cuts moving
forward at the up-and-coming slipover locations.”

Offshore Construction Manager


PDF (1).png Download Safaniya jacket removal case study