Sapura / Chevron Thailand jacket and pipeline removal

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) are proud to have supported Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production Ltd with the first ‘Rigs to Reef’ project in Thailand - an initiative where idle platforms are relocated to create artificial reefs, serving as a valuable habitat for marine life.

Operating in the Gulf of Thailand, JFO successfully cut and removed 7 platforms and associated pipelines, completing the project 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

JFO scope of service included:
• Cut and removal of risers and subsea spools
• Soil plug removal
• Cut and removal of subsea jackets
• Cut and recovery of associated pipelines


JFO scope of supply included the following equipment, ensuring the most effective, as well as the safest
means to cut and remove the various materials:
• Internal abrasive water jet cutting system (AWJC)
• Internal soil plug removal tool
• Diamond wire saw
• Chop saw
• Twin recovery grabs


Project scope specified use of an internal cutting system with capability to cut the piles to a minimum of 5mtr below seabed level. The piles were known to contain heavy soils and these needed dredged prior to commencing cutting. Furthermore, the risers and cross member braces required to be cut externally at very specific locations, with challenging access, for optimal recovery and reef placement.


Download and read the full case study:


PDF (1).png  Sapura / Chevron Thailand jacket and pipeline removal case study (895KB)