Multistring Conductor Cut and Recovery 


Scope of Work 


As part of the Viking Field decommissioning campaign, James Fisher Offshore (JFO) have successfully completed internal pile and conductor cutting and removal operations. JFO were approached to supply an internal multistring conductor cutting service which included a tool capable of cutting through multiple conductor strings to a depth of > 3m below seabed.  

Utilising our Abrasive Water Jet Cutting system, JFO completed the internal cut of 5 x 30” WT 1” multistring conductors consisting of 3 x 4 strings & 2 x 3 string arrangements, mixture of open and cemented annuli.
Piles consisting off 30” and 43.5” & 49” were excavated utilising JFO soil plug removal tool, then drifted and
severed utilising DCH III.


Scope of Supply


  • Abrasive Water Jet Cutting System with DCH II and DCH III cutting heads
  • Contingency Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Chain Manipulator
  • Internal lifting tool
  • Soil Plug Removal Tool
  • Hydraulic topside package
  • Expert Offshore technicians

JFO’s market leading range of cutting equipment, along with our engineering capabilities in designing tailored tooling packages, provided our customer with a technically attractive and cost effective operational methodology.
The combination of JFO’s expert team, experience and unique cutting system ensured 100% customer satisfaction.

“ Excellent Offshore Team. Very proactive and helpful”  Senior Project Engineer


 PDF (1).png  Download Multistring Conductor Cut and Recovery case study (385KB)