Linear Winch Middle East


The JFO 500Te Linear Winch Puller system was added to the fleet in 2017 and has completed several scopes of work to date. The 500-tonne Linear Winch Puller system is designed to permit continuous pulling and to coil up the wire rope continuously and automatically or manually. One gripper assembly of the Linear Puller will grip and move forward while another is open and retracting. Power strokes of the grippers overlap which provides a smooth continuous pull on the wire rope. As the foregoing cycle repeat themselves, a continous pulling motion on the wire rope and load is achieved.

The system consists of:
2 x Diesel Hydraulic Power Units
1 x 80Te Spooler Unit
1 x 500Te Linear Puller
1 x Air conditioned remote control cabin

Recent Projects

4km Shore pull
8 Socket passes

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Berri Field
4.5km Shore Pull
9 Socket passes