Full back deck provision for Technip IRM campaign

Scope of works:

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) were selected by Technip as the preferred subcontractor as it could supply the full back deck requirements for a 100 day offshore IRM campaign which included jacket inspection, clamp installation and weld inspection.

JFO utilised its extensive portfolio of rental equipment and services, along with specialist equipment from collaborating partners, to streamline the delivery process in order to package the equipment, function test and mobilise to quayside within a very tight schedule.

Scope of supply:

  • Project management
  • Hydraulic constant tension deck winch system
  • Cutter spread
  • Grinder spread
  • HP jetting package
  • Grit blast cleaning package
  • Dredge spread
  • Coating removal package
  • 20' workshop container

Through our fully packaged back deck provision, JFO were able to offer operational and administrative efficiencies by optimising equipment synergies, reducing the equipment footprint, ensuring compatibility between spreads and conducting a single function test for the entire package.

JFO also substantially reduced the POB requirement, guaranteeing the client full support from experienced JFO technicians and its project management team.

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