Sapura - Bokor Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) supported Sapura Energy with a short notice call off for the cut of a 84” @ 60mm WT jacket skirt pile, offshore Malaysia. When a window of opportunity presented itself offshore, Sapura Energy approached JFO for a solution to their cutting operations.

JFO’s knowledge and experience allowed us to make a very detailed methodology and diver tooling procedure in order for Sapura Energy to have a step by step cutting guide, enabling the project to flow from mobilisation right through to performing the cut subsea and recovering the cut pile. JFO deployed its ultra high pressure abrasive water jet external cutting system, capable of delivering speed, reliability and accuracy.

The external cutting tool was deployed subsea to the correct depth under the supervision of JFO technicians. Once at depth, divers referred to the JFO set-up procedure in order to fasten the external cutting tool to the pile. JFO carried out the cut at an average speed of 60-70mm per minute, while monitoring the subsea camera and hydraulic systems. The subsea camera system allows JFO to be completely independent when cutting, therefore there is no requirement for a ROV.

JFO created immediate cost and time savings for the customer by mobilising from its base in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The combination of the JFO teams experience, the advanced cutting and subsea camera systems enabled the 84” pile cuts @ 60mm WT to be performed successfully and ahead of schedule saving vessel time.

The JFO abrasive water jet cutting system offers full depth cutting action without the risk of snagging. It is the most powerful and precise abrasive cutting at 36,000psi with patented air surrounded jet. Using this cutting technology is typically 2.5 times faster and consumes less abrasive.


PDF (1).png Download Bokor Phase III Redevelopment case study (497 KB)