Customer Trial

- Internal abrasive water jet cutting tool


James Fisher Decommissioning (JF Decom) recently performed a successful internal abrasive water jet cutting trial for our valued customer Allseas, ahead of project mobilisation in June.

JF Decom conducted the trial cut at the National Hyperbaric Centre (NHC), Aberdeen, owned by our sister company JFD. The NHC facility includes a 12m x 8m steel test tank that can hold up to 900,000 litres of water. JF Decom’s ultra high pressure abrasive cutting spread performed a full 360° internal cut of a 1895mm OD x 22mm WT tubular, with a 90° segment welded with four sections of 25mm rolled plate to replicate a WT of 122mm. Cut completed in 3 hours and 50 minutes.

JF Decom scope of supply included:

Internal Cutting Head, abrasive mixing unit, UHP Compressor, JF Decom project team, JF Decom highly skilled technicians

JFD scope of supply included: Test tank, underwater cameras in tank, boardroom overlooking test tank


JF Decom cut procedure:

• Lower internal cutting head into test piece

• Actuate cutting head clamping arms

• Commence 360° abrasive cut

• Monitor cut through 3S cut verification system

• Corroborate 3S system with NHC subsea camera feed

• Upon cut completion remove internal cutting head and test piece from test tank.


Cutting trial completed safely and efficiently with the client witnessing first hand JF Decom’s cutting technology


Download NHC Cutting Trial case study (975KB)