James Fisher Offshore's subsea winch is fully rotational and easily deployable with an innovative gravity base design.

James Fisher Offshore’s subsea winch has an innovative gravity base, providing full 360-degree rotation that allows 30T line-pull in a variable wire take-off angle. No further stabilistion is required following deployment, allowing efficient and reliable mobilisation. Key to its design is the all-in-one setup, helping to ensure continuous subsea operations and reducing the likelihood of equipment failure.

The subsea winch gravity base has the potential to have a gross weight of 60T, eliminating the need for additional fastening or grillages. With a 30-tonne safe working load (gross weight 10T) winch, a further 20 tonnes in weight can be added. The winch is controlled via hotstab, remotely operating vehicle (ROV) or downline, with two-part rigging.

Alternative options of line pull are available. A vented floor prevents suction, there is a suitable crash frame, and the winch is fully depth compensated. Winch sizes range from 10 to 50 tonnes.

Subsea winch specification sheet:

Subsea winch Download
360 rotational subsea winch 360° rotational subsea winch specification sheet (2 MB)
15Te subsea winch 15Te subsea winch specification sheet (486 KB)