James Fisher Offshore supplies subsea chainsaws for both diver and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) configurations, across a range of subsea applications.

890 hydraulic diamond chainsaw:

The 890 series hydraulic diamond chainsaw is designed to cut concrete, stone and masonry when used with the appropriate diamond chain. Other materials, including ductile iron, cast iron or PVC require the use of a power grit utility saw chain.

Stanley CS06 and CS11 hydraulic chainsaws:

The Stanley CS06 and CS11 hydraulic chainsaws are fitted with automatic chain lubrication to ensure prolonged and reliable service. The CS11 is additionally fitted with manual chain lubrication for the most demanding work.

The lightweight CS06 is suited to light duties and the CS11 is capable of the most severe cutting jobs. All models have chain brakes that are applied when the trigger is released, and the CS11 is also fitted with a safety trigger and bucking spur.


Subsea chainsaw specification sheets:

Subsea chainsaw Download
Hydraulic diamond chainsaw Diamond chainsaw specification sheet (416 KB)
Stanley hydraulic chainsaw Stanley chainsaw specification sheet (1.2 MB)