James Fisher Offshore supplies hydraulic grinders for a range of subsea applications, including inspection and maintenance work.

PG04 peanut grinder:

The PG04 peanut grinder is a dedicated subsea tool ideal for underwater maintenance and inspection work. Primarily designed for weld seam grinding and hole deburring in steel structures, it is also suitable for a host of other applications.

The PG04 peanut grinder has a 6mm collet chuck with a flow range from 15 to 40lpm @140 bar. This tool features a safety trigger system which prevents accidental operation.

Stanley GR29 hydraulic grinder:

The Stanley GR29 is a portable hydraulic grinder with fingertip speed control used for grinding and wire brushing. The 5/8-inch output shaft accepts 7- or 9-inch diameter grinding or cutting discs and wire or nylon brushes. The unit is completely sealed for underwater use.

James Fisher Offshore also supplies consumables and spare parts to support grinders.


Subsea hydraulic grinder specification sheets: