Delivering a fast flow of water, James Fisher Offshore's centrifugal pumps help to reduce project timescales.

Transferring high volumes of liquid including drilling fluids at low pressure, James Fisher Offshore's centrifugal pumps are ideal for minimising the time taken to complete operations within the energy and industry sectors.

With a range of engine sizes available to hire with electric or diesel drive, JF Offshore is able to advise on the most suitable centrifugal pump for customers' projects.

JFO's range of pumps are certified Rigsafe or zone II and can be delivered globally.

  • Petroleum pumping
  • Petrochemical pumping
  • Flooding
  • Pipeline pre-commissioning

For advice on centrifugal pump suitability for your operations, contact James Fisher Offshore.

  • Electric drive options negate emission problems and reduce noise levels.
  • Chemically resistant materials allow for use with corrosive substances.
  • Externally mounted controls and gauges provide ease of monitoring
  • Air operated stop and emergency stop.
  • Simple configuration facilitates installation and maintenance. 
  • Rigsafe BS EN 12079 and DNV 2.7-1 compliant.

To see how a centrifugal pump from James Fisher Offshore can be used in practice read our Costa Concordia pumping equipment case study.