James Fisher Offshore's supplies containerised Zone II and rig-safe air compressors that save valuable deck space.

James Fisher Offshore supplies its sister company, ScanTech Offshore's advanced range of air compressors as part of its packaged solution that aims to deliver a cost-effective and single source service to customers.

Part of the James Fisher and Sons plc Group, ScanTech Offshore has the world's largest fleet of 1600cfm Zone II and rig-safe air compressors which utilise a containerised, stackable design that frees up valuable deck space and allows a reduction in costly management bandwidth.

Engineered to operate in arctic and tropical climates, the compressors provide reliability and high performance under extreme temperatures.

Benefits of the air compressors supplied by JFO include:

  • Improved safety for operating personnel - compressors exceed.
  • API AR 14 C and API RP 500 well testing recommendations.
  • Increased reliability due to 100% containerisation.
  • Highest performance output in the smallest footprint.
  • Able to perform in extreme temperature environments.
  • Stackable design saves valuable rig deck space.
  • Suitable for use in Zone II areas.
    For more information on the air compressors we supply please contact James Fisher Offshore.