Well severance solutions from James Fisher Offshore 

Well Severance can be a high cost activity if the correct method, equipment and personnel competency is not selected.

James Fisher Offshore can deliver a fully encompassed abrasive water jet cutting well severance service for both subsea and platform-based operations including drill, pin, lifting and mechanical services.

Through continuous and significant investment both financially and technically, JFO deliver well severance using advanced water jet cutting. The mechanism of abrasive cutting is not revolutionary, however, how that medium is delivered subsea down hole is.

Using advanced Ultra high-pressure technology and unique air flow delivery techniques, we can maintain our water jet velocity at depths of up to 350 meters without dewatering and maintaining that velocity across multi string well sections.

In addition to the proprietary water jet technology, our bespoke multi sensor cut verification is able to send real time data feeds back to the operator.  A live 360° feed back is displayed in real time, allowing the operator to fully control the rotation speed, pressure at nozzle and when required, track back to any point on the cut line where any incomplete penetration has been indicated.

So as to ensure stability and deliver the unique features, our advanced water abrasive system is locked mechanically inside the well so as to achieve a full circular cut with no movement of the head which can cause spiral cutting affects. All of our down hole cutting heads have a step less hydraulic locking mechanism which centralises and holds the unit firmly in place during operation. This assists further if cutting under tension, where our cutting method is altered so as to evenly rotate inside the well, allowing a controlled release. Being locked mechanically allows us to continue cutting outer strings with no redeployment of adjustments.

In addition to the severance service we can bolt on complimentary equipment and services to perform both platform and subsea conductor removal / recovery including drill and pin, jacking systems and diamond wire spreads.

Having a compliment of personnel available in each global location enables us to make teams, which consist of multi skills, allowing for right first time delivery and should the occasion arise, allows us to have a full skill set to trouble shout and resolve any unforeseen issues.

Well severance case study