Equipment overhaul and recertification services

JFO has a dedicated workshop for the servicing of customers' equipment, including full overhaul and recertification services.

On-site facilities at James Fisher Offshore's operations bases, include dedicated workshops for both pneumatic and hydraulic products.

As an Ingersoll Rand master service centre JFO can repair, service, overhaul and recertify clients' winches, hoists and blow off prevention (BOP) handling systems. All of JFO's pneumatic technicians are fully manufacture trained and certified and pride themselves on attention to detail.

JFO also has a dedicated offshore team meaning we can accommodate our clients' Ingersoll Rand servicing needs both onshore and offshore. Customers are involved in all aspects of the service process, ensuring complete transparency and trust.

Example equipment pre and post overhaul:

Equipment Pre-overhaul image Post-overhaul image
150 kg man rider winch (1)  150kg manrider winch before.JPG  150-kg-man-rider-winch-post-overhaul.jpg
150 kg man rider winch (2)  150-kg-man-rider-2-pre-overhaul.jpg  150kg-man-rider-winch-2-post-overhaul.jpg
Hydraulic utility winch Utility-winch-pre-overhaul.jpg  Utility-winch-post-overhaul.jpg
Pneumatic winch Pneumatic-winch-pre-overhaul.jpg Pneumatic-winch-post-overhaul.jpg


To find out more about our equipment overhaul and recertification capabilities contact James Fisher Offshore.

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