Jetting pumps

Capable of generating 20,000 psi, JFO's jetting pumps are ideal for applications demanding ultra high pressure.

Designed for use with fresh water, JFO's high pressure jetting pumps provide a means of removing marine growth and cleaning vessels and offshore assets.  

James Fisher Offshore is able to provide a range of jetting pumps for hire globally at short notice. A choice of connections allows for ease of equipment integration, and optional long-length lances provide added safety.

Jetting pumps can be used for:

  • Surface cleaning/preparation
  • Tank/vessel cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Offshore structure cleaning
  • Marine growth removal

For advice on the suitability of jetting pumps for your specific application, please contact James Fisher Offshore.

Jetting pump features and benefits include:

  • Environmentally responsible cleaning method
  • Choice of connection for ease of equipment integration
  • Optional long-length lances provide added safety
  • Diesel driven
  • Negates the need for chemicals
  • Equipped with isolator, starter button and stop button
  • Available with externally mounted controls and gauges for ease of monitoring
  • Zone II certified units