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Subsea tooling

Fisher Offshore offers a wide selection of subsea tooling including boulder grabs, shears, diamond wire saws and DNV rated subsea baskets.  All available for use on multiple underwater applications, whether ROV or diver-operated.  Please view our full range of subsea tooling below.

Our range of tooling is stored on a single Aberdeenshire site, in a dedicated facility, all commissioned and maintained ready for our clients project equipment call-off needs.


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5 Tonne Grab

Orange Peel 10 Tonne Grab

Orange Peel 15 Tonne Grab

Grapple Grab

Hydraulic Hot Stab

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Alliance working well in Asia

The Fisher Offshore (JFO)-Aquatic alliance has heralded its first major Asian project success last month, when it assisted in the removal and disconnection of mooring lines off the coast of Australia.

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