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Subsea excavation

James Fisher is the world's leading subsea excavation specialist, with a proven track record for successfully delivering projects in some of the most challenging environments.

With its non-contact tools and the largest subsea excavation fleet in the world, James Fisher is able to work accurately around sensitive subsea structures, excavating a variety of soils, including sand and drill cuttings, in water depths of between 2m-300m. Its extensive range of services includes deburial for IRM purposes, pipeline and cable lowering and crossing, decommissioning and harbour and channel clearance.

James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE), a subsidiary of James Fisher and Sons plc and sister company of Fisher Offshore, is the leading provider of mass flow excavation services. Formed in 2014, following the amalgamation of KDM Marine and James Fisher Mass Flow Excavation. To find out more about JFSE’s capabilities and the specialist tooling it has to offer, visit .

For information on one of the subsea excavation tools we offer, click on the Hydrodigger information below:

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