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Subsea winch 

The subsea winch created in partnership with Fisher Offshore and Subsea Tooling Services provides an all in one setup to enable continuous subsea operations and optional real-time telematics to identify and prevent breakdowns. 

subsea winch-min.jpgThe winch incorporates a 360° rotation for ease of use and a quick deploy system to keep set-up time to a minimum; combined with an intelligent winch system this controls the systems pressures and flows whilst submerged. The winch’s robust gravity base has the potential to have a gross weight of 60 T and eliminates the need for additional seabed fastenings. 

The winch, designed by structural engineers to ensure its versatility and quality, is controlled via ROV hotstab or downline and can be operated remotely on deck or subsea.

Subsea winch key features:

Subsea winch key benefits:

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