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Structure Removal

Structure removal from James Fisher Offshore 


Removing any offshore structure is a complex and high cost project where it is essential to deliver not only first class HSE performance but to have certainty around critical path services which can impact on high cost elements.


The cutting of offshore structures is performed throughout the decommissioning cycle however the penultimate cuts are generally performed when high cost heavy lift assets are on location ready to lift and move on.


We James Fisher Offshore provide certainty, competency, reliability and experience throughout a project which we know gives our customers and partners confidence in the delivery schedule of projects.


Having developed our internal and external abrasive cutting technologies with the worlds best manufacturer and adapted that technology throughout our own bespoke deliver methods we are able to offer a best in class range of services to any complex structure removal programme.


Having our own internal dredging business has enabled us to take knowledge of over 20 years combined dredging experience and package this into solutions provided to our customers removing any problematic soil plug or external mud suctions which would prevent a successful cut or lift being completed.


No one project can ever be delivered with one technique, over the years we JFO have built a team of on and offshore personnel who cover a broad range of expertise from hydraulics, diamond wire, abrasive cutting, wire line and well intervention all of the prior experience gives us a rounded and best in class support structure for complex offshore cutting campaigns.


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