JF Decommissioning's worldwide partnerships

By combining capabilities through worldwide partnerships and collaborations, JF Decommissioning is able to provide a single source solution for customers globally.

Collaboration between offshore support companies is vital for providing seamless and expertise-driven operations. James Fisher Decommissioning aims to establish international partnerships to share expertise, provide innovative solutions, reduce costs and carry out projects seamlessly on behalf of customers.

Partnership case study (i): JF Decommissioning's alliance with Aquatic 

The alliance between JF Decommissioning and Aquatic Engineering and Construction Ltd (Aquatic), announced in February 2016, provides an enhanced customer-driven service which addresses the needs of the offshore oil and gas, telecommunications and renewable energy industries.

The development of this strategic partnership was a direct result of customer feedback, with JF Decommissioning recognising operators and subsea contractors' need for an expert supply chain for critical path activities, and the requirement to reduce costs and streamline operations.

The creation of a combined project delivery team was motivated by a willingness to provide an alternative and responsive collaborative service. The single interface means multi-disciplined experts are on hand to ensure the combined service is fully supported and delivered to the highest standard.

The alliance's integrated back deck solution provides significant added value to customers globally by delivering reduced costs and streamlined operations. By working together, the combined capabilities and expertise of JF Decommissioning and Aquatic provides a single source solution for customers globally.

For more information on the JF Decommissioning / Aquatic Alliance download our Aquatic brochure.

Partnership case study (ii): EDT Cyprus

Expanding its first class marine and subsea support capabilities to mirror clients' ever increasing geographical reach, JF Decommissioning launched its strategically placed East Mediterranean facility in Limassol to deliver localised support services to the growing energy industry in the area.

Working hand-in-hand with the region’s highly respected and leading offshore marine vessel and port service provider, EDT Offshore allows JF Decommissioning to supply its full range of equipment and services from the EDT Limassol offshore base, to deliver specialist subsea and topside support services to subsea, drilling and marine contractors - all from the main logistic hub for the region.

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