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TAQA Otter Pipeline Replacement

The Otter field is located in block 210/15A, approximately 150 kilometres north east of the Shetland Islands. The scope consisted of two separate operations.

Shell Indefatiguable Field

 The Indefatigable Field is situated in Block 49/24 of the Onegas area in the southern North Sea (UK Sector).

Borwin Beta

The Borwin Beta – GlobalTEch1 (GT1) link comprised of two power cables with two interstitial optical units.

Causeway and Fionn

Provide lifting equipment for the installation of 6” Water Injection Flexible Riser on the North Cormorant platform for the Causeway and Fionn Field development.


Provide deck equipment, air winch and operators on board the REM Forza offshore support vessel.

Forties Charlie (SSIV)

Supplied winch spreads and operators in zone 1 hazardous area environment.

BP Quad

Replacing existing Schiehallion production facility with new purpose built FPSO.

Mooring Wire Replacement

Supply client with hydraulic cutter to enable removal and recovery of damaged wire rope on APL Buoy designed mooring system.

Dana Petroleum Triton FPSO

Various scopes of supply to assist Technip's delivery of a broad scope of work including recover of flexible risers and installation of umbilical.

Salvage of Costa Concordia

 Fisher Offshore Fluid Solutions supplied water pump WP23 for de-watering operations.

Technip Shell NAM

 Removal of flexible riser segment including the rigid J-tube at the L13-FC-1 platform.

Shell Baker Hughes Goldeneye

 The supply of experienced personnel to the Goldeneye project.

Sapura 3000

Winch spread to facilitate the pre-commissioning of the Gorgon Field, Australia. 

Technip Foinaven FPSO

 To supply equipment and personnel to the BP Foinaven replacement project.

Maersk Tyra SE Project & Valdemar BA Replacement - 4 Riser Clamp and caisson pull-in

Provide equipment and personnel to complete 4 riser clamp and caisson pull-ins on the Maersk Tyra East B platform.

Maersk Tyra SE Project & Valdemar BA Replacement - Anvil Cutter

To provide three anvil cutters to be utilised as an emergency means of cutting winch wires.

Mobile Workshop Container - Ensco 102

Preventative maintenance on Ingersoll Rand utility and man-riding winches.

Subsea 7 Bespoke Flange Stud Cutting

To design and provide a means to cut the flange studs on a subsea pipeline.

Fugro Saipem Hejre & Saipem Cygnus Projects

To provide equipment for flooding, cleaning and gauging of various pipelines.

Aker Solutions Premier Oil Solan Field Development

To supply hydraulic winch spreads which included electrical hydraulic power units and running line monitors to assist umbilical pull-ins.

Fairfield Energy Dunlin Fuel Gas Pipeline

Hydraulic winch package for the riser pull-in scope on the Dunlin platform.

Marathon West Brae

Contracted by client for the installation, commissioning and operation of winch packages.

Maersk Gryphon Area Recovery Project (GARP)

To provide hydraulic winch package to assist with scope of works and carry out numerous pull-ins as part of the offshore installation works.

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