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SEABASS Subsea Well Abandonment tool animation from James Fisher Offshore.  

SEABASS is a single trip mechanically locking system for the abandonment of category 2 wells which is designed to remove contaminants and provide barriers to allow the well site to return to its original environmental state.

JF Decommissioning

JF Decommissioning is your trusted decommissioning partner.  

We have the expertise, knowledge and experience to deliver a turnkey decommissioning service to our customers.

Watch our animation, showcasing the full range of JF Decommissioning's capabilities for the cutting and removal of subsea and platform infrastructure.

Internal Cut and Lift 

The Internal cut and lift tool merges internal abrasive water jet cutting from James Fisher Decommissioning and ballgrab lifting technology from First Subsea, to provide a one-component flexible and quick system for the recovery and removal of retired subsea assets and tubulars.

Watch the first test completed 18th November 2020 at the National Hyperbaric Centre, Aberdeen.

Twin well conductor cut

Onshore trial completed for our client prior to September 2020 mobilisation.

36” WT 1.5” Multistring conductor with 2 off 9 5/8” WT 0.5” within 2 off 13 3/8” WT 0.5” with cement, cut in one pass with the JF Decommissioning ultra high pressure abrasive water jet cutting system.

Total cut time 9 hours.

Meet Nano

Meet the latest addition to the JF Decommissioning shear fleet.  Standing at over 2mtrs tall and with a shear force of 2345T for fast and effective cuts.

Ultra High Pressure Abrasive Water Jet Cutting


James Fisher Decommissioning introduces UHP Abrasive Water Jet Cutting with cut verification system.  Suitable for Internal and External cutting of pipelines, casings, piles, wells and steel structures.  

James Fisher Decommissioning Overview


JF Decommissioning displays its capabilities from integrated back deck services to subsea demolition and recovery.

Cutting video.JPG

Cutting and Recovery

James Fisher Decommissioning demonstrates its cutting and recovery capabilities in this compilation video

Top teamwork from the 'Meldrum Mechs'

James Fisher Decommissioning has been working closely with Meldrum Academy in Aberdeenshire to help inspire young people considering a future in the marine and offshore industry by supporting them in the building and racing of an electric car.

First car test completed! 

Meet Tiny - JF Decommissioning's versatile shear

Tiny is our versatile, 1950Te hydraulic shear capable of performing fast and efficient scrap cuts on a variety of different grade materials of varying size and thickness. See Tiny in action here.

For more information view subsea shears.

JF Decommissioning's air products department service overview

JF Decommissioning demonstrates its winch service and overhaul capabilities in this video.

JF Decommissioning's training academy

JF Decommissioning provides an introductory pneumatic winch training course at its Oldmeldrum facility, providing insight into Ingersoll winches, their application and maintenance.

Winches maintaining constant tension on a vessel

James Fisher Decommissioning supplies a comprehensive range of hydraulic and air winches to suit various applications and specifications. This video demonstrates a winch maintaining constant tension aboard a vessel.

Haewene Brim mooring wire replacement

JF Decommissioning provides a client with a range of hydraulic cutters to enable the removal and recovery of damaged 14mm wire rope on an APL buoy designed mooring system.

For more information on this project view our Haewene Brim case study.