JFO responds to demand in offshore training

James Fisher Offshore improves offshore safety through pneumatic winch courses in partnership with Ingersoll Rand.

James Fisher Offshore has recently established a unique introductory pneumatic winch course at its Aberdeenshire facility in partnership with Ingersoll Rand.

The programme aims to give offshore personnel valuable experience for working in the field, giving attendees an insight into the application, installation, testing, basic maintenance and trouble shooting of the Ingersoll Rand range of winches we supply. The uptake in the course has been pleasing with a range of Aberdeen based drilling contractors putting a number of employees forward to take part.

This training will not only improve processes offshore but will ensure ultimate safety when operating the equipment; a vital point when considering investing in the education of your workforce.

JFO identified the need for education within its workplace and as a result is now offering a range of training including providing opportunities for further education, apprenticeships and various graduate leadership programmes.

The education of staff within the energy sector is imperative to the industry as a whole and James Fisher Offshore's managing director, Jack Davidson,  believes companies need to continue to stress its importance. The benefits of developing a programme of training are vast and when coupled together with investment in new technology will undoubtedly stand a company in good stead for its future.

The company’s sales manager Graeme Brand explains:

“Fisher Offshore is about far more than simply providing equipment. We now have the facilities and the expertise to provide a fully integrated package to clients and the introduction of this unique training course is another step forward in enhancing this offering.”


PDF icon.png Download the 'Improving offshore safety through pneumatic winch course' pdf.