Supplying pumping equipment to raise the Costa Concordia

Scope of works:

The raising of the stricken Costa Concordia cruise liner was the biggest maritime operation of its kind, and Fisher Offshore Fluid Solutions supplied pumping equipment to re-float the partially submerged vessel.

The successful operation saw the re-floating of the 114,500 tonne vessel last September, off the Italian island of Giglio. The Concordia had lain partially submerged since running aground in January 2012, with the tragic loss of 32 passengers and crew. A process called parbuckling was used to roll the ship up to vertical.

Scope of supply:

Titan Maritime UK Ltd hired James Fisher Offshore's water pump WP23 from August 2012 to October 2013 for the Costa Concordia project. The 5 stage centrifugal pump was involved in the mobilising and de-watering

Along with many other companies, Fisher Offshore’s Fluid Solutions pumping equipment helped in the righting of the ship, which was a delicate operation. It had been feared that it could break up, or even tip off the artificial seabed into deeper waters.

We are very pleased to have been able to play our part in such an important, high profile and very sensitive salvage operation following the tragedy surrounding this vessel. It serves to demonstrate that however challenging the task, James Fisher Offshore is a safe and trusted supplier.

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