Haewene Brim, Bluewater, mooring wire replacement

Scope of works:

James Fisher Offshore provided a client with a cutter capable of cutting 114mm wire rope for their scope: the removal and recovery of damaged wire rope on an APL buoy designed mooring system.

Our client was tasked with creating a solution which could be completed while the installation was still in production. It was the first time this type of work has been completed beneath an FPSO. In addition to this, the project was completed without shutting down production on the facility saving the business 100 days of production in the process.

The project was a ‘one for one’ replacement of a damaged mooring wire attached from the seabed anchoring system to the STP turret. The existing, damaged mooring wire was recovered from the seabed by the Far Sapphire and then cut with a hydraulic anvil, fitted by the dive team just below the socket on the APL buoy.

The wire was then recovered to the anchor handling vessel. The socket stub, still attached to the turret, was then removed and recovered to the installation by the dive team. The project was completed within 21 days with no incidents to personnel or assets.

Scope of supply:

SPHCU 200 cutter (200mm) and HCU114 cutter (114mm) were supplied by James Fisher Offshore for this scope.

JFO, being the contractor to supply the subsea cutting tool/solution for the client's project, participated in several pre-mobilisation meetings with them and carried out modification work to enable them to complete their task.

PDF icon.png Download the 'Haewene Brim, Bluewater, mooring wire replacement' case study or watch our video on the project below:

Haewene Brim mooring wire replacement video:

 Hydraulic cutters supplied by JFO enable the removal and recovery of damaged wire rope on an APL buoy designed mooring system.