Brent Alpha caisson repair

Scope of works:

An inspection programme on Brent Alpha platform concluded that all caissons should be removed and any critical to future operations should be replaced.

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) project engineers were involved in early discussions with the Wood Group PSN structural team and the Shell project team.

Scope of supply:

JFO were contracted by Wood Group PSN to supply two 30Te hydraulic winch packages which met the requirements of the scope including the need for a compact winch footprint due to limited space on the platform.

The winches were supplied with spooling gear (level-wind) to aid fleeting, running line monitors to provide accurate line tension and rope pay-out data during operations, and diesel driven Zone 2 hydraulic power units (HPUs). The package also included deck sheaves and single sheaves snatch blocks to route the wire rope through the platform levels.

JFO's fabrication facility, also located at its Oldmeldrum facility, carried out bespoke modifications to the winch guarding (to reduce the footprint) and works related to the bespoke grillages to support the winches on the platform.

The caisson removals and replacements were completed successfully with Fisher Offshore technicians operating and maintaining the winch package throughout the scope.

PDF icon.png Download the 'Brent Alpha caisson repair' case study