Bespoke flange stud cutting for Subsea 7

Scope of works:

James Fisher Offshore were asked by Subsea 7 to design and provide a means to cut the flange studs on a subsea pipeline should conventional methods fail. The flanges (3 requiring separation from the seabed) were constructed circa 1980 so were deemed potentially difficult to remove.

Subsea 7 tasked us with engineering a solution to enable both speedy and safe works execution. The requirement was to cut up to twenty 3.5" Ø studs on each 36" 900lb flange.

Scope of supply:

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) were tasked with supplying the following to form part of a contingency cutting spread:

  • Four circular saws with bespoke fabricated frames
  • Equipment to be automatic as much as possible to ensure diver safety
  • Extensive in-house testing of equipment using JFO technicians
  • Hyperbaric centre* used to provide realistic creation of subsea environment with divers carrying out work
  • Final design and saw blade combination gives a cutting time of around three minutes with five minutes preparation time to fit saw jig to flange assembly

* The National Hyperbaric Centre is part of JFD Global, sister company to James Fisher Offshore. For more information please visit JFD Global's website.

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