Umbilical reelers

Pneumatically and hydraulically operated, James Fisher Offshore's umbilical reelers are ideal for use in hazardous areas.

Available in different sizes, JFO's umbilical reelers typically hold between 1 and 6 inch hoses or flexible products with line pull ranges of between 1-8 tonnes.

Used on vessels, quaysides / ports and offshore platforms, JFO's umbilical reelers' compact design makes them easily transportable and ideal for hazardous areas.

Coated in marine specified paint, the umbilical reelers remain protected from harsh marine environments helping to prolong life and reduce maintenance. Umbilical reeler associated equipment is supplied as required.

James Fisher Offshore has highly-qualified technicians available to install, operate and maintain reelers, for more information on these services please contact us.

Features and benefits of umbilical reelers include:

  • Various sizes available
  • Variable speeds
  • Easily transported
  • Compact design
  • Safe for use in hazardous areas
  • Marine protected

Umbilical reeler specification sheets:

Umbilical reeler Download
Hydraulic Reel MES2100 PDF (1).png Hydraulic Reel MES2100 specification sheet (443 KB)
Hydraulic Reeler  PDF (1).png Hydraulic Reeler specification sheet (476 KB)
6" HR34 umbilical reeler PDF (1).png HR34 umbilical reeler specification sheet (195 KB)
2" HR43 / HR44 / HR50 / HR51 / HR52 / HR53 umbilical reelers PDF (1).png HR43 / HR44 and HR50-HR53 umbilical reeler specification sheet (192 KB)
1" HR45 / HR46 / HR 47 umbilical reelers PDF (1).png HR45-HR47 umbilical reeler specification sheet (193 KB)
4" HR54 / HR55 / HR56 umbilical reelers PDF (1).png HR54-HR56 umbilical reeler specification sheet (188 KB)

Umbilical reeler associated equipment:

  • James Fisher Offshore can also supply fluid tanks of various capacities up to 220 bbi.