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Early Careers


At James Fisher Decommissioning we are excited about bringing the next generation into the energy industry and are proud to be part of the Meldrum Academy Business partnership Group. We also work with other local schools, North East DYW and Skills Development Scotland for opportunities to bring apprenticeships to our organisation.

JF Decommissioning are also signed as an employer of the Young Persons Guarantee

Past and Present Apprentices


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Class of 22 studying SVQ 3 Business and Administration SCQF level 6 with NESCOL, while learning on the job at our headquarters in Oldmeldrum.


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Erin recently completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship at JF Decommissioning and is now a project coordinator within the life of field team.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed completing my apprenticeship. I’ve not only achieved a qualification, but I’ve gained experience and skills which will be invaluable to me throughout my career. I have been given a lot of great opportunities over the course of my apprenticeship, which helped me to not only understand more about the business/industry but has allowed me to feel more confident in the job I’m doing."




Jalissa came to JF Decommissioning straight from school and having worked in the Operations Office for 2 years, has now started her Business Administration qualification.
"When I left school I was ready for a break from learning.  I have worked at JF Decommissioning for 2 years and have just started my apprenticeship. I feel very lucky as now I can combine getting a qualification with my role, whilst also earning a wage."





Shaun is a 3rd year Hydraulic Engineering apprentice, working on his workplace qualification, after completing his Core skills, PEO2 and NC at NESCOL.

"I really enjoy the mixture of college and being in the workshop. Now that I am in my 3rd year, I am working on my SVQ, gathering evidence for my portfolio and my assessor who will come to the workshop to assess me. I'm looking forward to being fully qualified and working full time in the workshop alongside the JF Decommissioning technicians."




What type of Apprenticeships do JF Decommissioning offer?

Currently we have Hydraulic Engineering, Administration and Stores.


How long does it take to complete an apprenticeship?

Modern Apprenticeships vary, our technical apprenticeships take 4 years, however where an apprentice is completing a workplace qualification this will take around 18-24 months.


Is an apprenticeship a paid role?

Yes, apprentices are paid an hourly rate, which will be detailed in their contracts, and covers the hours spent training as well as working.


What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a good way of learning hands on in the workplace and being accompanied by an academic qualification. You can put your learning into practice as well as earning a wage at the same time. A foundation apprenticeship at school may be a good way of finding out if this is the route you would like to go down.


How will I be supported during an Apprenticeship at JF Decommissioning?

JF Decommissioning have an Early Careers Programme, which structures your apprenticeship journey, setting out roles and responsibilities for those involved in the success of your apprenticeship. You will be given a mentor who will guide you, and you will have set learning objectives. We work closely with our training providers for feedback and set up regular meetings to discuss your progress.



Strategic Partner 


James Fisher Decommissioning are thrilled to be recognised as a strategic partner to Meldrum Academy.  As part of the Meldrum Academy Business Partnership Group, JF Decommissioning are supporting the school with a programme of family learning activities, with a career insight video for families and an opportunity to participate in a Q&A follow up session.  We also have several employees signed up to mentor senior pupils as part of the schools Business Mentor Initiative.


"We are absolutely delighted to have James Fisher Decommissioning as a collaborative partner.  Working closely with local businesses in supporting us at Meldrum Academy is extremely valuable as we work together to equip our students with the skills for life beyond school"

Ian Jackson, Head Teacher Meldrum Academy 


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Further information


Want further info from James Fisher Offshore?  Contact us at info@fisheroffshore


The following organisations can provide advice and guidance on taking the first step into an apprenticeship